Meet the Therapist

Tracy Pryce, LCSW-C

        Maryland Social Worker

License #16325

Board Certified Supervisor since 2012 for Social Work + Professional Counselors

Hi, I'm Tracy. I've been serving Marylanders' mental health needs for eighteen years. During that time, I have worked with a range of people and families experiencing stress, mental health concerns, or wanting to optimize their growth. My work has given me expertise, experience, and a keen eye for helping people use their strengths to make real change in their lives. My style is warm and nurturing, encouraging and hand-holding, with honest insights and an ability to see the real you. We'll most definitely use humor to connect and heal. 

I'm a holistic therapist, meaning that I ask about lifestyle, sleep, nutrition, and menstrual cycles. This approach, while a detour away from the purely psychological, is important because these factors can provide information about how stress is showing in the body.

People who are a good fit to work with me have done some self-reflective work, through self-help reading and/or therapy. They are open to talking about the family that raised them, and intend to do deep work in therapy. They often have a movement practice (e.g. yoga, running, gardening) and are open to guided meditation, even if they don't enjoy meditating on their own. 

            [Trauma-Informed]        [Health at Every Size Ally]          [LGBTQ+ Ally]            [Anti-Racist Practitioner] 

Known for work with:

Women throughout the Lifespan (gender-expansive, enbies and AFAB welcome)

Coping with hormonal shifts  We experience mood and role changes during the shift to motherhood, rendering our old coping skills ineffective. These shifts occur again during perimenopause and menopause, destabilizing us as we enter our prime working years. I'm understanding of these shifts, as well as how they affect our capacity, reactions, and relationships.

Healing after Hurt Our children give us the gift of pointing out where we need more healing. Emotions from the past that we've worked through can re-surface and ask for attention, but you're not sure what to do. You want to lead your family authentically without raging or leaning on alcohol to settle at the end of the day. 

I am passionate about helping you with:

Moving past being incredibly hard on yourself

Breaking generational cycles of using shame and fear to parent

Healing from growing up with family dysfunction

Healing from narcissistic abuse/ toxic relationships 

Burnout: Parental and Work  Adults experience a tremendous amount of stress as their children, partnerships, and careers age. The invisible metal load is overwhelming, and despite your best efforts, things feel stuck. You fantasize about leaving your responsibilities behind and don't feel re-charged after a break. You're tired of feeling irritable and short-tempered and know something's gotta give. 

You can feel better through exploration of your feelings, step-by-step recovery from burnout, and deciding where and how to make changes toward the life you want. Let's find the way. 

Mature  You're a vibrant woman who has raised her children and learned a lot about herself in the process. You're finding yourself stuck in patterns that don't fit like they used to. I am passionate about working with women to navigate aging bodies and relationships, and the transitions no one prepares us for in life. Let's lean in toward your unique goals with warmth and humor. 


Anxiety is an all-t00 common experiences in our modern world. I run into people every single day who are struggling to be okay. There are so many demands for our time and attention that our nervous systems can't keep up. We hype ourselves up to take care of a few more things, sometimes running out of steam and shutting down. Together, we can take steps to help you find balance and peace within. You can build the relationships and life you want, since you'll have more power and control over your energy levels. I understand and I'm here to help you heal.

*HSPs + Empaths* I can help Highly Sensitive People and Empaths navigate the world and relationships with more ease. 

Sex + Sexuality 

As conscious parents and partners, we want to handle conversations (and our emotions) around sex/sexuality in the best way for our family, and part of that involves a responsibility to process our emotions. We can work through any uncertainty you're having and create a plan for how to guide you through difficult moments– and incredible ones. I'm here for you, without judgment. 

*LGBTQ2+ Ally* I'm an ally who is poly-informed and kink-friendly, who won't assume that the issue you're seeking help with is related to this piece of your identity. 

Supervision and Consultation for Therapists

I've been an active clinical supervisor since 2012, partnering with therapists in school settings and outpatient mental health clinics. I am trained in supervising therapists to learn evidence-based modalities, specifically CBT. I help you find your style and voice as a therapist while learning to navigate which approaches are right for your client. I use Discrimination and Developmental models of supervising and have expertise working with therapists at all stages in their careers. 

I regularly engage in my own consultation and believe that continuing to review my work and learn is an integral part of longevity and purposeful work in this field. Together, we explore ways to avoid and manage burnout throughout your career. I believe that supervision is a place where we can bring our whole selves, warts and all, becoming the best versions of ourselves to help our clients effect change and lead their best lives. 

*I am a board-approved supervisor for LMSWs seeking LCSW-C licensure; and board-approved for up to 50 hours for LGPCs working toward LCPC licenses (i.e. both Social Workers and Professional Counselors and Therapists).

Theoretical Approach

Modalities:  I lean heavily on Somatic Therapy techniques to help clients move past difficult times and experiences as well as heal the nervous system. Many of us have been pushed away from experiencing our emotions, especially in connection with our bodies, and this is an integral part of healing. In addition, I use psychodynamic theory to help people see how they formed patterns that may no longer serve them, and importantly, how those patterns served them very well in the past. I use aspects of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) to benefit relationships and build up coping/ calm down skills when indicated through mindfulness and Polyvagal techniques. I assign homework, because clients experience the most change when they do therapy work outside of session. I do all of this through a trauma-informed and inclusive lens. Importantly, I choose from these modalities when they are an appropriate fit for you and where you are in your journey. 

Other Experience: I have experience as a social worker in the school system, specifically public and non-public school settings including 504 and IEPs. I interned in the hospital setting, gaining experience in addictions, psychiatric inpatient and partial hospitalization, among other areas. I have experience with genetic diseases and chronic illnesses that has led to work with OT, PT, assisted living or nursing home facilities, and hospice/ palliative care.